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From us
Support at all stages of opening
About business
  • 1
    Profitability is 54%
    Nothing is more profitable than the service sector
  • 2
    20 000 USD
    Average revenue per month
  • 3
    We provide state-issued diplomas of Russia and America
  • 4
    Rage for self-development
    Having survived 2 global financial crises, a pandemic, and all that we face since 2009, we can safely say that in the most difficult times people invest most in themselves.
  • 5
    Low competition
    The niche of acting schools is smaller compared to dance or language schools. Competition is not important if you do business with all your heart.

  • 6
    Website, CRM, scripts of conversations with clients, ice-breaking online courses, bots, we have a huge knowledge base.


Part collaborates with St. Petersburg Institute of Film and Television and Meisner Institute in Los Angeles. In the end, students have the opportunity to receive a double diploma.  
Our manifesto
We believe in theater.
We believe that there are no untalented people.
We believe that success is 99% of work, and then everything else.
We believe that acting changes lives.
We believe that everyone has the right to be creative.
We believe in the theater, we believe in you.
Part — is...
  • Only acting, directing, theater, modern dance and cinema classes. There are no psychological, esoteric, yogic or other directions that are not directly related to theater and cinema.
  • Only practice, only hardcore.
  • Only professional teachers.
  • It is mandatory to have a higher acting or directing education at least a bachelor's degree, as well as active work in theater or cinema now, and not 20 years ago.
  • Only specially prepared rooms - spacious and clean halls, changing rooms, showers.
  • Mandatory public showings at least once per course.
  • Author programs created by each teacher personally and curated by the artistic director – Tanya Weinstein.
  • Absolute transparency of the entire learning process.
  • Any student can read the syllabus (program) at any time, ask about the sources of exercises and request a list of references.
  • Loyalty system to various privileged categories of citizens, as well as to permanent students.
How does it work?
Get to know each other
We need purposeful people who are ready to work hard and sleep little. We will not be able to sell you a franchise if we do not get clear answers to goal-setting questions.
Drawing a concession agreement
We can work with legal entities or individuals who are in the process of registration.
Payment of a one-time fee
The fee includes the use of our brand for five years, plus a full opening package and live consultations with our team.
Work on the launch of a project can take from 2 to 4 months.
In preparation for the opening, we will hold eight online consultations, lasting up to 3 hours each. In addition, you can always write to your personal coordinator.
Selection of premises, classroom equipment, budgeting, advertising launch, recruitment. What the eyes fear the hands do, while the ears listen to our advice.
By the time of the opening, we will gather with you a database of interested customers and prepare the first festival of acting
Project Life
We tuned for your success, we want you to succeed. About a year after the launch, you will be able to go on your first vacation and enjoy life, yourself and the work you have organized.  

Ready-made business solution
  • 1
    • Registered trademark 
    • Access to the completed site 
    • Guidelines for working with printed products 
  • 2
    • Teaching programs
    • Methodology of hiring teachers 
    • Accreditation of teachers 
    • Administrative Staff Search Guide 
  • 3
    • Ready-made guidelines for the collection of the sales department 
    • Sales tools and methods 
    • Conversation Scripts 
    • Effective goals and motivation of managers 
    • Competent work with target clients 
  • 4
    • Setting up an advertising campaign 
    • Guidelines for working with advertising cabinet
    • Personal advertising cabinet 
  • 5
    • Setting up CRM and IP telephony 
    • CRM implementation and staff training. 
    • Sales funnel 
    • Connecting messengers 
    • Message Templates 
  • 6
    • Assistance in the selection of premises 
    • Proforma of all contracts 
    • Personal consultant 
    • Support at all stages of development 
    • Knowledge base of 100+ articles on all the nuances of doing business 
How quickly will it pay off?
Spoiler alert: Faster than we had it
Minimum budget: 5,000 USD, including lumpsum payment
We promote to start with a partner space. It can be a contemporary art museum, art cluster or a co-working. After you floating, you can rent your own space.
Minimal team to start its artistic director and the producer.
Probably the only thing we can't teach you, but we can inspire you. 
Average monthly turnover: up to 50 000 USD