Head of Part Academy
Sasha Weinstein

Alexander Weinstein, was born in 1987 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Producer in the field of performing arts. Consultant of the International Network of Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM), Fulbright Award Recipient, graduate of the School of Theater Leadership, CIM.

Part Academy grew out of the Leludi acting school. In 2009, a tandem of director and producer, Tanya and Sasha Weinstein, founded the center, which soon became the most successful private acting school in St. Petersburg. Since 2014, the school has started to cooperate with SPbGIKiT — the largest creative university in Russia. This made it possible to train students professionally and to issue a diploma of higher education at the end of the course.

Now Part is an Academy of Performing Arts with educational campuses in Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakstan. Here you can get education in the field of theater, cinema and modern dance, try yourself in producing and screenwriting, go to practice in the USA or create your own project.

In 2012, Alexander founded the Skorokhod Platform. Skorokhod is a home venue for "Takoy Teatr" (Such a Theater).

Working both locally and internationally, Alexander was a co-founder in the EU-funded large-scale project "Meeting the Odyssey", where 14 partners from different countries gathered on one sailing boat and went on a tour from St. Petersburg, Russia to Corfu, Greece, dedicated to the refugee crisis in Europe.

Part Academy
Sasha and Tanya talk about Part Academy
awards and scholarships
awards and scholarships

2018 — Fellow of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

2016 — Best Cultural Project, Visit Helsinki, Finland

2015 — "TOP 50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg". Sobaka.Ru Magazine Award

2014 — "Best Young Art Manager", Breakthrough Theater Award

2013, 2015 — Winner of the Young Millionaire Award from the Business Petersburg publication

2013 — Winner of the Art and Cultural Projects Award from the Expert magazine

2012 — Nomination in the Best Cultural Project Award from the Village magazine

2011 — Winner of the The Best Young Entrepreneur in the Field of Socially Significant Projects award according to the Business Petersburg magazine

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