by Viktoria Naraxsa

Director, teacher
about the course
This course offers you to take a look on Acting from a different perspective. Actor is not just an instrument but a person. He is a guide and able to transmit his own vision of the reality he lives in, regardless of frames his role has.

The basis of the course is presented by understanding ourselves and our specific nature. We offer to learn a necessary basis of acting skills so that your inner message could be clear. For teaching we use acting, dancing, vocal exercises and many others.

This course is for those who:
  • has no experience in acting
  • feels lack of knowledge about modern acting training

about the teacher

Director, teacher
2008 actress of the plastic theater POEMA.
2009 participant of the theater group "The Drystone" (St. Petersburg).
2010 collaboration with the AXE Theater (St. Petersburg, Russia).
2013 creator of the laboratory of physical theater (Moscow).

Participant of seminars, theater laboratories, festivals in Russia, USA and Germany. DIRECTOR'S WORKS: The play "SINIAK" (Dusseldorf, Germany). "Outskirts" (Assembly Hall, Moscow). "Terminal" street performance (Moscow). "COCKROACH" The Meyerhold Theatre Centre (Moscow). Director of the festival "Bright People" 2015 (Moscow). The performance "Harte Marschroute" (Nuremberg, Germany). "Storm" (Honolulu, USA). "Case 26/03" (Moscow). "Antigone" (Nuremberg, Germany). "Nurofen Squadron" (Rostov-on-Don) Techno opera "Russia, forward!" (Skorokhod, St. Petersburg) "Bernarda Albas haus" (Nuremberg, Germany) "DIC PICK" (Venue 8\3, Moscow) "Mother's shoes" (Art4, Moscow) CHOREOGRAPHER'S WORKS: "Revolution" theater Practice (Moscow). "Shavasana" CIM (Moscow). "Normansk" CIM (Moscow). PROMOTIONS, PERFORMANCES: Creator of the "Prostration" action (New York, USA). Creator of the performance "Sale" E-flex (New York, USA). The creator of the "Karenina" action (Voronezh, Russia). Creator of the immersive performance "Karenina" (Tarusa, Russia). Performance "Close" (Honolulu, USA). Harms. Psi-phenomenon (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Creator of the Plan B cultural and social center. The creator of the project "Technoteater

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